Wet® Unicorn Spit™ DONUT Flavored Lubricant®
The Ultimate Lubricant - Donut Flavored (Sugar-Free) -Water-Based
When you need magic of mythic proportions, reach for Wet® UNICORN SPIT™.  Ethically extracted from free range unicorns, this miracle lubricant is sure to save
the day. It even tastes like your favorite donut. Sugar-free yet still delicious.
Magic! We all need a little help in the bedroom but when you’re riding a unicorn, anything is possible!


Wet® Boink N’ Oink BACON Flavored Lubricant™
33711 WET® Unicorn SpitT 4.0 fl.oz/118mL UPC 7 16222 33711 3 PNG
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